Time Lord
The Doctor
The Doctor; not a typical Time Lord but the one you'll encounter most often
Homeworld Gallifrey
Notable WIT Characters The Doctor

The Time Lords are telepathic humanoids from the planet Gallifrey, located in the constellation of Kasterborous. They have the ability to regenerate their bodies when mortally injured, but it is also possible for them to die outright if they are not able to regenerate prior to death (after 12 regenerations).

In Worlds in TimeEdit

At the beginning of the game The Doctor, one of the few Time Lords to ever take an interest in Humans and Earth, invites players to join him in saving the universe- again. Periodically players encounter him during interventions to receive advice, suggestions, and baffling jokes. Players may acquire artefacts associated with Time Lord society and history, such as Time Lord's or Lady's robes.

In Doctor WhoEdit

A Time Lord was first introduced to the Humans of Earth in the Episode An Unearthly Child, (1963). Time Lord society was oligarchic and described by the Doctor as being a stagnant and corrupt society. Time Lords claimed the role of safeguarding time, although they had a policy of non-interference and neutrality, and were able to manipulate time as long as they didn't cross back into their own time line.

Most of the Time Lords were killed at the conclusion of the Last Great Time War with the Daleks.