The TARDIS Menu was a menu used prior to the 18th of December update to access the planets, adventures and missions. It could be accessed by clicking the Icon-TARDIS TARDIS icon in the lower left of the game window.

Since the update, this icon now takes the player directly to their home, while the the planets, adventures and missions are now accessible through a new icon in the top left corner of the screen, the Planetary Menu.

Planetary Menu Edit

File:TARDIS menu-Interventions.png

In the left side of the window, unlocked planets will show in color. All players have access to Earth. Simply click on one to travel to it. Shaded planets are not unlocked for the player and clicking on them will not do anything. Hovering over any of the planets brings up an arc that indicates how much of the planet you have completed as a percentage.

If a player has finished all the adventures for a planet they will travel to its rescued or 'Saved' version. In order to travel back to the Devastated version, first travel to the Saved version of the planet, then click on the Devastated version that appears in the planet window. The player can also return to their home space from this menu by clicking the TARDIS at the top of the planets menu. This will immediately transport the player home.

Planets will open up in the following order, you will have as many as 3 planets open at any one time.

Other locations will be introduced to the game at a later date.

You may find that Malcassairo is easier than Mars (though it opens up after Mars).

Adventures Edit

Template loop detected: Template:Rellink The adventures (Formerly known as Interventions) are arranged in a spiral on the large image of the planet at the right of the Planets & Places Menu. Most planets have 4 or 5 story arcs, which are indicated by the pictures that appear next to the spiral path. Hover over the buttons on the path to see the available adventures and the shards they reward, and click "Go" to play one.

Adventure Buttons
Button Description
File:Icon-Locked Intervention.png Locked Adventure
File:Icon-Unlocked Intervention.png Unlocked Adventure
File:Icon-Completed Intervention.png Completed Adventure

Missions Edit

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TARDIS menu-Missions

The TARDIS menu with the Missions tab open.

The missions tab is located near the large planet image. Missions are organized as a list. The default view shows Doctor Missions at the top, then lists the available missions in alphabetical order by title. On the right side of the list, there are four options for sorting: By planet, by enemy, by reward type (i.e. by shard aspect), and by accessibility.