Template-info If you are looking for general support options, try the Support Portal.
The support portal has useful links for Technical, Billing, In-Game, and Account Support.

Have questions? Edit

Please address your support inquiries to the following, depending on their nature:

  • To report violations of the Terms of Service and Community Standards, use the reporting system.
  • For technical issues and bug reports, visit the Technical Support and Bug Reports forums, respectively.
  • For general discussion, visit the General Discussion forum.
  • For specific billing questions, please use the support form. Be sure to include your email address and if it's regarding a payment already made then please list the following:
    • Name, address and last 6 digits of the credit card used.
    • Or the email address of the PayPal account used.
    • Dates and amounts of the payments.
    • Information on other payment method used.
    • As well as listing the problem or question.

Other useful links Edit

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