Welcome to Doctor Who: Worlds in Time! This is a tutorial for starting out in the game.

Creating your Character Edit

When you create a new account, the Doctor will ask you to join him by creating a character. A popup will appear to take you through the selection process of the various options.

You must also choose a single-word name which follows these guidelines:

  • Names cannot have characters other than letters.
  • If you cannot think of a name, there are many random name generators on the web that can make sequences of random syllables to help you come up with name ideas.
  • Character names cannot contain any inappropriate language or slang.
  • If your chosen name is already taken, a bubble will let you know and you will need to try another name.
Configure your look-1

Select a name and a race. You can choose from Silurian, Human, Catkind and Cheem.

Configure your look-2

Next select your skin or fur tones/colors. The options will depend on what race you have chosen.

Configure your look-3

Then you will choose either your horns, hair or ear shape. The options will depend on what race you have chosen.

Configure your look-4

Lastly, you will choose your nose and face shape.

Upon clicking the "Enter TARDIS" button, you will be asked to fill out information for your account including email address, password, and year of birth. You will also need to agree to the Terms of Service.

After this information has been saved, you will need to confirm your email address via the emailed link before you are able to play the game.

The Game Window Edit

The game window consists of a few different parts. Most of the window is taken up by the world view. Here you can see a new player's Home.


Game Interface, pre-18th December

The bottom right corner of the screen includes buttons relating to your Home:

Menu Interface

Game Interface since 18th December

The bottom left corner of the screen includes:

Party Menu

Party Menu

Since the 18th of December, the party and Chronons/Coin Display menus have become a permanent feature on the screen.

The Party Menu in the top left hand corner consists of:

  • Icon Planetary Menu The Planetary Menu (See TARDIS menu )
  • The name of the current adventure
  • The current party members
  • The Party Status icon - Green for open to all, Yellow for Friends and Guild members only, and Red for closed.
Chronos and Coin Display Menu

Chronons/Coin Display Menu

The Chronons/Coin Display Menu in the top right corner consists of:

  • Number of Chronons
  • Coin Total
  • 'Get Chronons' icon to purchase Chronons
  • Icon Shop‎ The shop

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