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A traveller's friends are those he or she likes enough to add to his or her friend list to allow for easier interaction. You will know when your friend is online and that person's current location.

Adding a Friend Edit

Click the player to bring up social options and choose the "Befriend" 30px option. This will cause a private chat tab to open and a pop-up above the chat tab will notify the player that you want to be friends. If the other player does not confirm in a short time you will have to resend an invite.

Player StatusEdit

When you click on a player or on a player's portrait in the Friend/Ignore tab, several social options are available. Some are only available to friends:

  • 30px Private Chat - opens a private chat tab.
  • 30px Invite to Party - Invites that player to join a party or team waiting to start an intervention.
  • 30px Go to Player - Join a friend's current location
  • 30px Invite to Guild - Can only be used by Guild Officers.
  • 30px Unfriend - Remove a Friend from your list.
  • 30px Ignore - Avoid communication with a player. Players on your Friend List cannot be ignored until they have been unfriended.
  • 30px Report Player - report a player infraction.

Friend List Edit

The list of current friends can be found by clicking on the Friends and Guild icon Friends and Guild Icon at the bottom of the screen. The 30px button will display the list of friends. If a friend is currently online it will show their portrait in the list, if they are offline it will show a blank portrait space. It will show you the current level and location of an online friend. Clicking on a friend in the list brings up the arc of options described above.

Ignore ListEdit

The Ignore list is a second tab in your friend list. It shows the names of players you have chosen to ignore.

Player LocatorEdit

In the bottom left corner of the Friend/Ignore Tab, there is a 150px button. This feature will help you find players that are not on your friend list.

When you first press the Search Button the Player Locator opens showing the default list of players. The default list appears to be the Top 50 players by level currently online.
File:Locator-Default Player List.png
In the search bar at the top, you can enter the name (or part of the name) of any player who is currently online. (This is not case sensitive)
File:Locator-Name Search.png
Alternatively, if you know the exact name of the player you're looking for, you can search for offline players too. (This is not case sensitive)
File:Locator-Exact Name Search.png
You can also search for player locations as well. You can search for people playing specific interventions or Missions or if they are at home.
File:Locator-Intervention Search.png
You can even search for people currently hanging-out on planet lobbies. However, you need to know the lobby-name first. The example here is for the Earth lobbies, which is known as Trafalgar Square. To search for people on Ember, you would search for Sardìcktown, etc. NOTE: Most planets have more than one lobby!
File:Locator-Lobby Search.png
Finally, you can search for people in a guild. This guild does not have to be the guild you are currently a member of (to search for your guild members, you're better off using the Guild Tab in the Player Menu). This is useful for people searching for a specific guild to join!
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