Icon-furniture DNA Sequencing Arm Input
Detail-DNA Sequencing Arm Input
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In Store for 600 Chronons and 1600 Coins
Found in Unknown shards


Messaline shards

Recycles into
  • 2: Crafting-Universal Cell Universal Cell
  • 2: Crafting-Universal Inductor Universal Inductor
  • 2: Crafting-Universal Modulator Universal Modulator
  • 1: Crafting-Universal Relay Universal Relay

(See Crafting)

Scene-DNA Sequencing Arm Input

The DNA Sequencing Arm Input is a device for taking DNA samples from subjects' arms.

In Worlds in Time Edit

These units are used on Messaline to confirm that the humans are actually human, rather than being Zygons in disguise.

In Doctor WhoEdit

This device extracts tissue samples. When connected to a Progenation Machine, the obtained tissue sample can be used to artificially rearrange the cells and create an adult subject. Using it to create new soldiers, Hath and Humans continued their long war on Messaline long after the original combatants were dead. In the episode The Doctor's Daughter, one of these devices takes a sample of the Doctor's DNA, leading to the creation of his 'daughter' Jenny.