The Chronons icon

Chronons are a type of currency used in Doctor Who: Worlds in Time.

Types of ChrononsEdit

Player menu-currency

A player's page shows what currency they have in the upper right corner.

Player menu-chronons

Hovering over the chronons shows free and purchased chronons.

Purchased ChrononsEdit

Purchased Chronons are bought from Three Rings at their purchase site.

Free Chronons Edit

New players receive 200 Chronons upon joining but once this amount is depleted, Chronons must be purchased. Source: Doctor Who Worlds in Time forums

UPDATE 2 April 2013: Players earn 24 Chronons per day, to a limit of 25. Source: Doctor Who Worlds in Time forums

Uses for ChrononsEdit

There are a number of ways a player can use Chronons.

  • Shard- Players can open shards they receive on Adventures (Formerly known as 'Interventions').
  • Item- Various items (clothes, furniture) will require Chronons in addition to coins in order to purchase.

Previously, going on Adventures or Missions cost Chronons but this was removed in the 11 July 2012 update.

See Also Edit

  • Coin - Another type of currency used in Doctor Who: Worlds in Time.

Other Links Edit

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